“Beautiful countryside, décor and lovely company! We loved our stay! Nature at its finest.”

     The Deerberg Family, flutist, scientist and student, Columbus, New Jersey


“We LOVED breakfast and the view from our window was spectacular. Thank you for this amazing adventure.” “The hikes were butiful and I felt like I was in a fairy land. I also loved the hot-tub [and] felt like I was melting into hevan.”

     The Egerton kids, Austin, TX


“Raves—lots of them. A beautiful cozy cabin that was a comfortable nest to rest in and look at the incredible scenery. And great hiking trails right off the front porch--WOW. The care that was taken to groom the trails and the little markers to give visitors a taste of the ecology & landscape in this area. And the food--homey, delicious and good for your soul.”

     Kristine Jensen, caterer & Mark Rollinger, Tucson, AZ.


“The Loft is very comfortable and well thought out. The hosts are the kind of people you WANT to stay with--friendly, knowledgeable, and you feel like you stayed with your best friends—truly know the value of family & friendship. Thank you so much. Best breakfasts EVER! Great recipes, great food, great company, yummy daily snacks. Loved this place.”

     The Bells, retired, Sweeny, TX


“One of the most memorable, remarkable, picturesque & fun-loving family vacations ever. The cabins are beautifully and admirably decorated with well thought out rustic pieces. The food at breakfast was spectacular. Our conversations and stories shared together will be repeated and remembered forever! Thank you Red Cloud Ranch!!”

     The Peña Family, law enforcement, Haslet, Texas


“Wow! What a place! Outstanding amenities nestled in a pristine meadow and forest canopy. The sign-guided nature trail rivals most parks. The food is wonderful—can’t beat the taste with this cook and her top quality ingredients. She even packed us a delicious to-go breakfast when we had to make an early departure.”

     Karen Lass and family, Mom and veterinarian, Allen, TX


“A beautiful cabin in the woods. Great hiking trails—sooo relaxing. And the breakfast and conversation is a joy. I wish we had stayed longer.”

     The Eisenstein’s, Chicago, Illinois


“The setting is beautiful and the Guest House is perfect—every detail carefully thought out and selected. This care translates into a luxurious, peaceful, tranquil retreat without all the distractions and false urgency of modern life. The breakfasts, dinner salads and treats are scrumptious and beautifully delivered. We really appreciated the evident stewardship of the land and the emphasis on organic, sustainable food.”

     J. Marlow, Engineer, Santa Fe and A. Tipton, College Dean, Elmhurt, Ill.


“Pete and I visit B&B’s once or twice a year and none come close to your retreat. We appreciate all the hard work and admire and enjoy how every detail has been thought of and executed. The cabin settings and scenery have been a respite for our souls. Stevie, you are a chocolate maven, food guru and dessert whisperer.”

     Anna and Pete Phillips, teacher/writer, electrical engineer, Wichita Falls, TX


“To quote our ten year old son, ‘Best vacation ever!’ What a wonderful retreat for our family. The scent and sounds of the forest are unmatched. We look forward to returning every year.”

     The Seagraves, Engineer and Occupational therapist, Yukon, Oklahoma


“The Red Cloud Ranch has provided my husband and I with the perfect anniversary getaway. The scenery is amazing. The hikes available on the property are wonderful as well as the many places to just sit and relax outdoors visiting and taking in the beauty all around—and the breakfasts were out of this world.”

     The Gruetzmachers, Business Owner, Goliad, TX


“Your ranch is every bit as relaxing and beautiful as you advertise. The food was incredible. Thank you for the privilege of spending time in your little slice of heaven here on earth.”

     The Stiles, Pearland, TX


“We loved the serenity. It's the opposite end of the fast lane... a gift to your soul.”

     Marty Stuart, entertainer, songwriter & Connie Smith, country music legend, Nashville, TN


“Wonderful accommodations in a beautiful, serene forest setting. The meals were absolutely delicious and the service superb!!”

     Kathy W., retired, San Diego, CA


“We loved our cottage and we loved the delicious breakfasts every morning. We felt like this was our second home. This is a place where nature envelops and soothes the mind, body and soul.”

     Clare Barker, Artist/Nurse, Foothill Ranch, CA

     Peggy Chang, Art Supply Company, Irvine, CA


“Thank you for providing the best B&B experience we've ever had. We really enjoyed hiking around your ranch—it is truly beautiful. Everything was impeccable, the food was fantastic, and you all were great.”

     Erich and Victoria Brouhard, Phoenix, AZ


“Really, this is an absolutely wonderful place for people (like us) seeking to really relax and unwind. These 10 days have been a true gift to us.”

     Nancy and David Olmsted, Albuquerque, NM


“Thank you for sharing this "Slice of heaven" with us. We feel so privileged to have spent time here. The facilities are beautiful & comfortable.”

     Harry and Linda Perez, San Antonio, TX


“Rustic. Classy. Beautiful. Serene. It really exceeded all of our expectations.”

     Bridget O'Malley Baldwin, Human Resources Professional, San Francisco, CA


“At how many B&B's can you be miles from everybody else and still have cooking by a published chef? At RCR, we found world-class views, world-class hosts, and world-class food!”

     Mark and Judy Townsend, Camp Hill, PA


“You've got a beautiful place that's everything your website and literature show it to be. The food was incredible (I want your Strawberry Torte recipe!)”

     Tex Toler, Marketing Manager, Austin, TX


“The Barn Loft was just like the website-beautiful. The hot tub at night, swings, views and wonderful breakfasts & company-we had a great time.”

     Kim Roos, Teacher, and Bruce Walker, Systems Analyst, Santa Fe, NM


“Thank you for sharing your beautiful, peaceful paradise!”

     Jewel Kreider, Yorba Linda, CA


“….Just what honeymooners need….”

     Tim and Crystal White, Lubbock, TX


“City livin' won't knock you out,

But it sure can cause a standin' 8 count.

Tired of blarin' horns & red lights?

Need a place where you can still see lots'a

real stars at night?

Tired of breathin' nothing but smog?

How about some fresh mountain air with a

snow-capped view from a cabin of log!”

     "Tired", by reinvigorated guest Rob Roark, Memphis, TX


“This is the end-of-the-road stop for which we've been searching. We felt your 200+ acres were ours to totally enjoy.”

     Barbara and Jim Sileo, Sileo Computer, Denver, CO


“Came stressed... left relaxed, rested and mentally revived. What a wonderful place... wouldn't change a thing.”

     Leann Worley, RN, Enumclaw, WA


"I have traveled for business for over eleven years and this was the best place I have ever stayed. You can get complete rest with the quiet, relaxed atmosphere. Additionally, Stevie is an awesome gourmet food artist! We hated to come back to the city!”

     Beverly Carkhuff, College Recruiter, Denver, CO


“I can't tell you how wonderful it was to look out our window in the morning and see the grazing horses. We feel so fortunate to have enjoyed the natural beauty here among kindred spirits and music lovers. This is a great place to bring a child, too—our 3-year-old loved the outdoors and keeps asking to go "back to the ranch". Thanks for accommodating his needs and ours!”

     The Summers, Homemaker, Engineer, Richardson, TX


“I would love to be poetic. However, instead of being wordy, I'll be brief. Loved the following: 1.) Rocking chair on porch. 2.) Food. 3.)Vast array of nice blankets. 4.)Hot tub. 5.) Food. 6.) Happy hours. 7.) Food. 5.) Stevie's tourist recommendations. P.S. Did I mention the food?”

     The Shipman's, Geophysicist, Writer, Tulsa, OK


“Stunning alpine vistas and trails during the day, gourmet feasts at night. It doesn't get any better than this!”

     Sam Hoffman, business owner, mountain biker, San Francisco, CA


“This is the quintessential jumping-off place for those who wish for lush, natural, quiet beauty, with all the elements of comfort provided.”

     Bob and Nancy Grayson, Waco, TX


“A true cabin in the woods experience with all the conveniences of a first class B&B--plus the great New Mexican food.”

     Rob Wilson and Dana Payne, insurance industry, Fort Worth, TX


“Thank you for making our 5-year anniversary wonderful. The peace and solitude at Red Cloud Ranch takes you to a place of total relaxation. You truly have a little piece of heaven on earth.”

     The Hollinsheads, computer technologist, Lubbock, TX


“This was the perfect 'little cabin in the woods' I was hoping for. We wanted to escape from touristy trappings, have all our needs taken care of and just relax in the beautiful surroundings.”

     Matthew and Lora Lillard, architect/planner, Dallas, TX

Red Cloud Ranch Red & Breakfast