Breakfasts.  Some of our favorite breakfasts include Banana Buckwheat Pancakes, Green Chile Cheese Zucchini Enchiladas, Blueberry Coffeecake, Fresh Sweet Corn Soufflé, Chipotle Fresh Spinach Omelet, Fresh Plum Crumb and sausages. Heard enough yet? Don’t just listen to us—go to the Guest Reviews to make you a believer.


All ingredients are the best we can find, organic wherever possible, with no trans-fats. We can provide gluten-free options also, and vegetarian or vegan offerings.

We love food here, good food. Think: Fresh. Healthy. Creative. Beautiful. Key words here at Red Cloud Ranch as we formulate recipes for our guests. Host Stevie Bass spent many years as a cookbook and editorial recipe developer and food stylist. Stevie thinks yummy and scrumptious are the chief technical words you need in describing food.

Red Cloud Ranch Red & Breakfast

Our Famous Garden.  We put in veggies each late spring, which should be bearing fresh crops by early July. If you order a ranch salad for dinner, you will have many organically-grown lettuces and other greens from the garden in your bowl. The salad is designed for two, but if you come as a family or with friends, it can be multiplied to fit your group. If you order more than one salad during your stay, trust that they will be entirely different from each other—we love this and it is where we get to kick in our creativity! Homemade seeded biscuits accompany your salads.

Cookies.  Don’t forget cookies, one of the main food groups. Each afternoon you will get fresh-baked (warm if we can time it right), homemade cookies. Think chocolate chip with really good chocolate, peanut butter with real butter, mandelkakor, marbled chocolate brownies, blondies, cheesecake chocolate pecan bars—shall we stop yet?